Technologists have to act as responsible members of society, but they also have to cut themselves out of the loop of ruling the world.
--Tim Berners-Lee


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Timeline: 1966 - 1967 - 1968

Vannevar Bush writes Memex Revisited.

Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore write and design, respectively, The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects.

Seymour Papert and BBN engineers led by Walter Feurzeig create the first version of Logo.

The Intergalactic Network meets at a 1967 Ann Arbor computer conference.

Larry Roberts coins the term interface message processor (IMP).

Larry Roberts presents his idea for the ARPAnet to the Intergalactic Network at a 1967 Gatlinburg computer conference, also attended by Roger Scantlebury.

NBC airs "This is Marshall McLuhan".

Abbie Hoffman stages his New York Stock Exchange event.

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