Left to itself, cyberspace will become the perfect tool of control.
--Lawrence Lessig

  A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

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1996 manifesto by John Perry Barlow, which portrays the Internet as a free society without privilege or prejudice, "where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity."

Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather. . . . I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us. You have no moral right to rule us nor do you possess any methods of enforcement we have true reason to fear.
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