Cyberspace, left to itself, will not fulfill the promise of freedom. Left to itself, cyberspace will become the perfect tool of control.
--Lawrence Lessig

  Abbie Hoffman

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Abbie Hoffman (1936-1989)

Iconic 1960s radical activist and charismatic Yippie leader, born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Hoffman graduated with a degree in psychology from Brandeis University and briefly attended UC Berkeley before ending up in Manhattan's East Village. There he blurred the line between protest, theater and media stunts as he fought against just about any institution which concentrated or abused power and for the ideal of a free society. For organizing the protests around the 1968 Democratic National Convention which turned into violent chaos, Hoffman was put on a show trial by the federal government. After a cocaine bust, Hoffman went underground until 1980, becoming a successful environmental activist in the meantime. Burned out by worsening manic depression, Hoffman committed suicide in 1989. He was strongly influenced by Marshall McLuhan.

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