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  Illegal Art

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Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age

an exhibit of art that runs afoul of intellectual property law, appearing in New York, Chicago, and online. Works include a Disney orgy, Barbie-doll videos, and tracks from The Verve (without permission) and Public Enemy.

The visual art will be appearing at CBGB's 313 in New York from Nov. 13 to Dec. 6, and in Chicago from Jan. 25 to Feb. 22. The films and video will be shown at the Anthology Film Archives in New York from Nov. 14-17. NYU will host a panel discussion featuring Mark Hosler on Nov. 15, and Hosler, Christian Marclay, and the Evolution Control Committee will perform on the 17th at Tonic. A CD of "illegal music" will be given away at every event. All the works in the exhibit are available at the website.

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