Guardianship of the computer can no longer be kept to a priesthood.
--Ted Nelson

  Marvin Minsky

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Marvin Minsky (1927- )

Turtleneck-loving native of New York City and dominant, free-wheeling pioneer of artificial intelligence and robotics. Marvin Lee Minsky met Licklider as an undergraduate at Harvard and learned under von Neumann at Princeton University, where he received his Ph.D. In 1959, he founded what became the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with John McCarthy. McCarthy left in 1962. In 1963, Minsky was joined by Seymour Papert. Together they influenced the direction of artificial intelligence research around the world, with a defining belief in the value of generalism. The AI Lab encouraged playful creativity, and became a hotbed of computing innovation. Minsky developed a theory of intelligence, applicable to humans and computers, which explains how complex abilities arise from the thriving collaboration of simple ones.

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