Artificial intelligence will be the ultimate tool because it helps us build all possible tools.
--K. Eric Drexler

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Ask and answer questions here..."official" answers will be on The Network/FAQ.

Great site, I like the content that has been done so far. I have a few questions about infomation sources, but that can wait :).

"Stay away from the light!!!",

I had to use Mozilla to turn off the dark colors, please use lighter colors, those blues and orange are blinding me!! I also create what appeared to be a user account but, I can't figure out how to "login"

Just a few flaws. Need work, (maybe another page format) but all in all, a very good start. Hope this will be one of my much visited sites.


Thanks for the comments... admittedly, the site was designed for best viewing on a Mac. There probably should be a way to allow people to view a mostly monochromatic site. I'll work on it (or if you really want, you can help hack the code).

As long as you accept cookies for the site, you don't much have to worry about the login function, I don't think. It does need to be better explained/redesigned. --Adam Brate

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