We are but whirlpools in a river of ever-flowing water. We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves.
--Norbert Wiener

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I am deeply grateful to those participants in the frontlines of the Information Revolution who have lent their time to answer interview questions and/or read and comment on relevant sections of the manuscript. Particular thanks go to Doug Engelbart, Richard Stallman, Alan Kay, Eric S. Raymond, Larry Wall, Seymour Papert, Ted Nelson, Lawrence Lessig, Christine Peterson, Len Kleinrock, and Terry Winograd. I am grateful to many of these visionaries who have given direct permission to excerpt from their important writings.

Many thanks also go to those who have reviewed and commented on the manuscript, in whole or in part: Paulina Borsook, James Craig Burley, Ryan Campbell, Loic Dachary, Catherine Heins, Wilbur Hicks, Kannan Jagannathan, Douglas Johnson, Bill Kerr, Alexandre Oliva, Diana Merry-Shapiro, Cynthia Solomon, Sam Steingold, John Sweeney Jr., and Dan Velleman.

Big props go to Shepard Fairey, culture jammer, for designing the cover art.

Thanks also go to the people who have been particularly helpful and supportive in the research of this project, or in the acquisition of photos and permissions: Amanda Ayala, Mary Coppernall of the Bootstrap Institute, Amy van der Hiel at the W3C, Marlene Mallicoat, Denise Ondayko, Greg Poschman, Susan Stambaugh, Derrick Story, Ka-Ping Yee, and the archivists at MIT and Stanford.

I also would like to thank Myles Thompson for his enthusiasm and support of this project from its inception. Thanks also go to Victoria Larson and Renea Perry at TEXERE, Deborah Kletnotic, and the Book Design Group.

Last but not least are the friends and family who have supported me through the process of writing this book. Thanks for all the email.

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