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How does the wiki weblog work?

A weblog is generated separately in wikisource format. In the Wiki source for the front page is {INCLUDE LOGGER}, which includes the weblog source into the wikisource of the frontpage. Then the wiki is parsed. The operative packages are Wiki::browse (which only lets special markup work on locked pages), Wiki::wiki, and Wiki::log.

How do I make an user account?

Just click on the "unknown user" link, which should take you to your user preferences page. Type in a name for your username.

Once you do that, your edits on the Recent Changes page will be marked with your username, and you also get a separate The Contributors page as a homepage.

If you want to preserve your preferences across different browsers/computers, then add a password and make note of your UserID number. The UserID/password combo needs to be entered at the login page. Yes, this is not exactly intuitive, but its the way UseModWiki works and the code hasn't been changed.

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