Perhaps a linked information system will allow us to see the real structure of the organization in which we work.
--Tim Berners-Lee

  The Triple Revolution

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A manifesto issued by the Students for a Democratic Society (W. H. Ferry et al.) in 1964 which identifies "cybernation," "weaponry," and "human rights as the three fundamental, separate, and mutually reinforcing revolutionary movements worth fighting for. They were against nuclear weapons, for human rights, and neutral about cybernation.

Democracy, as we use the term, means a community of men and women who are able to understand, express, and determine their lives as dignified human beings. Democracy can only be rooted in a political and economic order in which wealth is distributed by and for the people, and used for the widest social benefit. With the emergence of the era of abundance we have the economic base for true . . . participation, in which men no longer need to feel themselves prisoners of social forces and decisions beyond their control or comprehension.
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